Employee Spotlight: Kelly Arellano, Marketing Program Manager

Name: Kelly Arellano

Title: Marketing Program Manager

Time You Have Been at Bluescape:

1 year, 4 months

What brought you to Bluescape?

When I first checked out Bluescape online, I’ll be honest and say I really couldn’t wrap my head around what this company did. Was it just a next step up from video conferencing? Or a place to upload all my digital content? When I came in to interview, I was able to work on a 20×20 foot wall in one of the conference rooms and I was truly blown away. My first AH-Ha moment was being able to write on the wall using a stylus — and then I saw I could import all my content from all of my content sources. That’s when I realized Bluescape was much more than a content holder — it was a new, natural way to work.

What was your first role here and why did you decide to transition to the Marketing team?

The position that originally brought me to Bluescape was a Community Program Manager role, where I was working under the Customer Success organization. My previous work experience was in marketing, and I was excited to go in a different direction and try my hand at customer success. Although I loved engaging with customers and helping them become successful with our product, ultimately I found that my heart belonged to marketing and I joined the team in January.

Favorite Bluescape memory?

There’s so many! I’ve gotten the chance to travel for a few work events which was a lot of fun, but I guess my favorite would have to be the latest memory — the whole Bluescape team surprised me with a baby shower last week to celebrate me becoming a new mom! The shower was complete with food, drinks, and baby games. Everyone in the company pitched in and hooked me up with a Target gift card — which was way too sweet. I am so lucky to work on a team with such caring and supportive individuals.

What’s your biggest accomplishment working here?

I am so grateful for the opportunity Bluescape has given me to grow with them. I have learned so much on so many different aspects of the business. Not every company gives their employees the flexibility and opportunity to switch gears and move to a new team. I’d have to say that’s been my biggest accomplishment — proving I can take on a new role and responsibilities.

What do you wish to see at Bluescape in 10 years?

That Bluescape’s visual collaboration software is not just a luxury, it’s the way to work and collaborate with teams. I’d love to see our digital walls installed in every large company, across a variety of different industries: film, creative, design, architecture, education, government, research, manufacturing, financial… the list goes on and on!

How do you use Bluescape at Bluescape?

I’m constantly using Bluescape in my daily workflow. On the Marketing team, we kind of have to because our VP is also our VP of Product — haha. But all kidding aside, the marketing team has created workspaces and uploaded custom assets like our daily calendars, content calendar, program tracker, event planner to keep everyone on the same page and coordinate between other departments. It’s awesome.



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