Digital Trends Shaping The Remote Workforce

Remote work is altering the way businesses are operating, and this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. More companies are adjusting their policies and technology to provide flexible work options that allow individuals to do their jobs from anywhere. This is not only to reduce the spread of illness throughout the pandemic we are currently experiencing, but also because it has had a significant impact on employee morale.


As working from home may not seem like an impactful change for some, distributed teams often find out that company communication, organization, and employee happiness could be affected by the lack of in-office socialization. Remote employees are forced to rely on technology even more than they usually do, since in-person meetings aren’t possible. While digital conveniences may not be new to your business practice, the time you spend using your laptop, chat platform or smartphone is likely to increase naturally as a remote employee.


Read further to learn more about the digital trends that are shaping the remote workforce into what it is today:


Virtual Meeting Platforms

To allow for productive conversations with coworkers while working remotely, make available video conferencing solutions that help employees to schedule meetings, and communicate about their tasks professionally and collaboratively. Virtual conferencing platforms also keep workers productive and social while living in different locations. More often than not, employees may begin to miss seeing their work friends in person, which can affect their mood and energy during job hours. But as long as you have internet access, and a laptop or mobile device, chatting with your colleagues is simple and quick.


Video conferencing is not only used for internal communication, but for external calls and meetings as well. Companies who consistently talk with their business partners and clients online should prioritize a reliable cloud-based video app to ensure every session is as productive as possible. Consistent conversations are an essential component of business strategy and building positive relationships with those who support your services.


Digital Workspaces

Digital workspace services allow remote employees to access a variety of platforms all in one location. With Bluescape, our platform integrates with apps like Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, and other apps, like YouTube. In terms of productivity, this streamlines processes of using the tools that organize you, is easily accessible on either a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or on a large-format display. Remote workers must have access to a digital workspaces that are designed to help achieve tasks and goals.


Payroll Management Software

Financial operations and management are a vital part of the remote employee payment process. In the office, employees can easily meet with their human resources manager about financial matters; but when remote, managing money must be organized with a reliable system to ensure that deposits are sent to distributed remote teams in a timely manner. Online payroll management software, like ADP and Paychex, allows remote workers to view their upcoming paychecks, file taxes, and request paid time off.


Remote employees are commonly known to use online services for their finances and work-related tasks, so the company-wide tools you provide must have mobile compatible features and accommodations. When it comes to direct deposit, online financial platforms and budgeting apps help employees get paid in advance and stay organized with their budget. Many financial management apps give individuals real-time notifications and access to their money quickly and conveniently, which ensures that any changes that are related to their account are known at their convenience too. Employees who are working from home are capitalizing on these money management solutions to ensure that they can stay up to date with their monthly bills and other mandatory payments.


Company Communication Platforms

While video communication is one quick fix to a lack of chatter within a remote work culture, instant messaging apps are another way for remote teams to communicate with one another effectively. These have almost replaced email due to how quickly people can connect, get information faster, and these apps even add an element of fun, an essential feature in remote work cultures. Along with a simple one-to-one messaging feature, business communication hubs allow employees to create group chats based on their teams, departments, and even shared interests.


Although these were popular when we were all in the office, they are even more prevalent now that we just don’t see our colleagues in person.


With many workplaces adapting to digitally-driven business practices, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends. This is essential in order to be your most productive and organized self while working from home.

To learn more how your company can keep up with the latest technology trends, request a demo of Bluescape today.

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