Digital Savvy Students Use Their “Mad” Social Skills to Study and Learn Better

Grand Valley State University (GVSU), near Grand Rapids Michigan, is leveraging the social savvy of their students to implement an advanced level of interactive learning and studying with Bluescape. Taking the ubiquitous “finger swipe” motions from their mobile devices to now, a large in-room touch screen, students are visualizing and creating their work in Bluescape’s collaborative workspaces.

GVSU introduced Bluescape to promote creative thinking and team collaboration, about four years ago. Students meet and simultaneously work on projects, plan assignments and share multi-media content while in Bluescape from their laptops, devices or meeting room touch screens. They write, add notes, draw and update content directly on a digital whiteboard space. Most importantly, they visualize their work in real time and refer back to the content at any time and from anywhere.

“Bluescape helps us embrace the messiness that creativity requires.”   – Rachel Travis, GVSU student

“We could see across the industry’s entire supply chain – from farm to disposal – to find where and how we could improve the product’s time to market. We could see all the work that other students had already done so we didn’t waste time.”  – Eric Anderson, GVSU student

Star Swift, associate professor of law at GVSU, saw the value of Bluescape for both the instructors and students.

“Bluescape was an instant hit with students. Our students are incredibly tech savvy. They don’t want static, one-way lectures from us; they want a dialogue, they want to be hands-on. So, I use Bluescape as a collaborative, living textbook.”  – Star Swift, GVSU

“Our job is to get our first-generation students comfortable with technology and with their studies,” says Swift. “Bluescape gives them a voice, a means to collaborate with their classmates and present with confidence. Any leg up we can give them is very important to us.”  – Star Swift, GVSU

Learn how GVSU is changing the way they teach, connect and prepare their students with invaluable work and collaboration skills.

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