Designing Tools With A Human Focus

As we’re rolling into March, it got me thinking about what’s really important in our industry today.

2018 brought to a head the discussion around Silicon Valley values. We believed blindly that the next great digital innovation is what people want, must have and truly need. But, this year, we’re lifting our heads and thinking critically about what we’re really doing. I’ll continue to ask myself some key questions. Are we looking from the outside in? Are we helping or hurting people with our technology? Are we truly understanding the real problems people face when trying to get work done? While many will double-down on artificial intelligence and machine learning as will I, I’m focused on other things too, like human interaction and how Bluescape can really help people work better together.

We’re focused on improving Bluescape’s collaboration technology more deeply around people and their work behaviors. We’re already inundated with technologies to help us collaborate. However, what is commonly defined as collaboration technology is nothing more than content systems for audio, video or documents. Slightly sophisticated phone calls, Brady Bunch-like video calls, Google docs and IM on steroids. Don’t get me wrong, these are leaps and bounds better than the past.

I believe we’ll see the commoditization of these content systems. This race to the bottom presents those of us in the collaboration space with different challenges. And this is exactly where I’m spending my time – going deeper. What will it look like in the near future?

More Virtualization
Chaotic and temporary sharing of fragmented content doesn’t work for anyone, so I see virtual content creation management continuing to accelerate. Very soon, we’ll all be in the virtual co-creation space together. The systems we’re using will be available anytime, to all participants without the need to turn on or request sharing, accelerating communication and decision-making processes.

More Productive & Secure
Content housed in a virtual workspace will accelerate review cycles for the creation of your product, service or ideas. Accuracy will be higher, because you’re always working in the current version. What was once a security weakness becomes a strength – security is stronger in a virtualized, or cloud environment because the content isn’t housed in more than one place.

More Flexible
I believe that the IT strategy of controlling the set of tools workers use is over. Individuals and teams will naturally gravitate to the tools that work for them. We need to create that shared virtual workspace where people can bring their tools in and still work with each other. The collaboration technology becomes a seamless bridge for any tools they currently use.

More Transparent and Immersive
Things today that we consider whiz-bang and futuristic will become transparent and will fold into the fabric of our working environment. Things will look a lot more like Minecraft than Powerpoint or WebEx. Our office is the place we go to access the virtual workspace. This is the next phase and by the time it gets here, it’ll be something we won’t even realize happened.

Understanding how people truly work is a powerful opportunity that is energizing me to make Bluescape even better. I’m thinking critically and designing it as a technology that truly helps people get stuff done.

By Demian Entrekin, CTO

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