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Boston is one of the oldest cities in North America, and is home to the nation’s oldest park, first public beach, and first subway. The city is a thriving center of innovation, engineering, education and healthcare. Many global corporations are based here including New Balance, Converse, GE, Liberty Mutual, Sapient Corporation, Wayfair, and Red Hat, to name a few.

Mattapan is a Boston neighborhood with a rich history of immigrant business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists. They represent a growing group of professionals aimed at innovating change in their work and communities so that everyone benefits. Several local experts share their inspirational stories.

Fatima Ali-Salaam story

Residents created the Greater Mattapan Neighborhood Council (GMNC) to protect community interests and prevent over-development and zoning changes. Fatima Ali-Salaam, a healthcare developer for an Innovation IT-Led Team and Community Chair of GMNC, brought residents together to educate them on the impact new developments would have on their lives and businesses. As a collective organization, they influenced city planners and developers to protect Mattapan’s best interests.

Fatima and the GMNC used Bluescape for project planning, meetings, and creation of council bylaws. As a result, the Council’s town hall meetings ran more effectively, and initiatives moved forward. Presentations made in Bluescape impressed regional city planners to get their voices and concerns heard.

Ayana Mack story

By day, Ayana Mack leads a global design team at the Greater Boston Real Estate Board. Her other passion is lending her creative talents to promote community programs to enrich people’s lives.

Ayana shares her design process in creating the brand’s look and feel for Boston Arts & Music Soul Festival 2019 (BAMSFest). She used iStock, Adobe Creative Suite, and Bluescape to create stunning art and designs to promote art and culture in the Boston community. The ability to look at the festival’s brand in one view was a game-changer for Ayana and festival organizers. It accelerated the entire project from inspiration to execution.

Thuwaiba Thezine story

Thuwaiba Thezine, a technology professional and remote worker, founded a creative flex studio called Ideal Mixer, for artists and entrepreneurs. She applied techniques that integrate physical and digital space as inspired by Haworth and Environments at Work. She uses Bluescape, combined with design thinking, to create a unique experience for clients, whether its advising them on their business or reserving the studio for production use, meetings/workshops, and private events.

Throughout the project process, Fatima, Ayana and Thuwaiba used Bluescape to create, connect, share information. They collaborated with their teams and presented their work to key stakeholders for more effective meetings.

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