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If you’re in a creative role, you know that the more assets you have to work with, the better. But only if you know where to find them.  

Gathering pieces of past projects and reassembling them to pitch new concepts is smart, but it doesn’t exactly utilize your best creative talents. In fact, it takes time away from doing what you do best: designing and executing the vision. 

That’s where DAMs (digital asset management systems) like Adobe Experience Manager Assets come in. DAMs streamline the entire production process, from content creation to delivery and optimization.  

What makes Adobe Experience Manager Assets unique is that it natively syncs with the entire Adobe suite, which allows teams powered by Adobe to seamlessly share and collaborate on all their creative assets from stock photos to 3D models.

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File Sharing Meets Creative Collaboration

Bluescape is a visual collaboration solution for creative teams to brainstorm, present, and review content.  

When combined with Adobe Experience Manager Assets, you can quickly bring in reference materials, archival content, and works in progress into a secure, virtual workspace where you can make instant comparisons and decisions about projects. 

Check out this video to see how a team of interior designers from Haworth gets approval on a new line of chairs with Bluescape + Adobe Experience Manager Assets: 

Bluescape complements your existing productivity, collaboration, and asset management solutions and makes it easier for you to find and assemble the materials you need to make faster, better creative decisions.  

Bluescape enables Adobe Experience Manager Asset users to:

  • Prepare creative reviews in seconds instead of hours  

  • Accelerate creative workflows by reducing the time wasted searching for and distributing assets

  • Increase productivity by providing a single, secure location to collect and share assets

In order to bring your idea to life, you need more than sticky notes and a pen. You need to inspire, illustrate, present, and approve concepts without being bogged down by a clunky creative review process.  

You need content and a secure space to share, meet, and reference your work, no matter where you are and where your work is stored. Bluescape provides teams with a virtual space of their own and the tools they need to accelerate decision-making and time to market.

Bluescape + Adobe Experience Manager Assets 

When Adobe Experience Manager Assets is paired with Bluescape’s collaborative workspaces, teams can make faster visual decisions in context with the big-picture view of their next project.  

Deadlines are crushed in the wake of optimized collaboration and transparency with all the assets housed within a DAM solution united in one actionable source of truth.  

One of Bluescape’s newest features, Popsync, enables users to instantly browse all their DAM assets and bring them into Bluescape for faster turnarounds and easier approvals.

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