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Spark Creativity Through Better Findability


Creative teams across industries have a common problem: according to a recent State of DAM report, 51% of teams said that they waste time searching for assets.

The process of locating and sharing information and building alignment takes time away from productive work, delays decisions, and leaves potential avenues of creative improvement unexplored.  

So, what are the pitfalls of the findability problem, and what can creative teams do to tackle it head-on? 

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The Findability Problem  

You’re constantly making business and creative decisions. But if you can’t get the right people together with the right information at the right time, decisions are delayed, the risks of rework rise, and timelines and budgets are put at risk. These penalties accrue and compound over time to tax creativity and productivity. 

More follow-ups than follow-through 

No matter how much preparation goes into your presentation deck, how often is there a request for some piece of content you didn’t anticipate sharing? Finding and distributing that asset in the moment is too disruptive, so what happens? Decisions and actions are deferred, and distracting follow-ups ensue to fulfill the request. 

 Creative blind spots 

According to the same State of DAM report, 60% of participants said they’ve caught team members using the wrong version of assets in creative projects.

As your asset library grows, searching for the right files and images becomes increasingly more difficult. If you can’t find your assets, you may have to go back to the drawing board for revisions or even reproduce assets that already exist because it is too difficult to locate the originals. 

Missed opportunities 

Achieving that "Aha!” moment of unity is what drives creative projects from point A to point B. It’s when you stop building alignment and start building on and improving that shared vision. Content is critical to validating consensus and acting as a catalyst for inspiration and improvisation, but only if you can get everyone on the same page first. 

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Messy Metadata  

Metadata is crucial in an effective asset management strategy. It increases searchability and helps organize assets to better support creative discussions and decisions.

However, metadata can be messy if you aren’t consistent with your file naming, folder structure, and tagging conventions, especially when time is short. If you don’t have a way to search for what you need, what chance do you have of finding it? 

Less Time Searching. More Time Doing. 

To solve the findability problem, you need the right tools under your belt. This is where Bluescape AI can help.

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There’s No Stopping You Now 

Thousands of teams across verticals (including the top production studios and government teams) trust Bluescape’s secure virtual workspaces to bring decision-making to the next level.

With the introduction of Bluescape AI, unparalleled content sharing and image search capabilities are paired with an intuitive virtual assistant that helps you label, locate, and leverage the assets you need, when you need them most. 

To be one of the first people to experience what Bluescape AI has to offer, please join the waitlist and learn more.

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