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5 Tips to Revive Your Creative Strategy


There are so many user-friendly tools on the market to help creative teams develop their brand identity, launch marketing campaigns, and stay relevant to their target audience.  

So, why do so many companies struggle to develop a creative strategy that isn't a flop? 

A weak aesthetic can tank your otherwise amazing creative idea. It's an immediate red flag to prospective customers and (albeit on a surface level) communicates that you're out of touch; and maybe even that your business growth is flatlining.  

But don't sweat it; with just a few tweaks to your creative strategy, you'll finetune your brand identity as easy as 1-2-3....or 5, seeing as we have five tips for you.  

1. Be Consistent Across Marketing Channels 

Of course, having a strong website is crucial. But it doesn’t end there; you need to meet your audience where they live. Most importantly: where they talk. 

Keeping your creative marketing strategy consistent across platforms, including social media, can increase revenue by up to a whopping 33%, according to brand research by Marq.

One thing is true across the board for all these platforms: visual language speaks louder than words. Integrating photography, illustrations, and video across paid and owned channels will bring the desired tone of your brand to life. 

Don’t know where to start? Check out all the assets Getty Images has to offer. You can also access Getty Images by using Popsync by Bluescape to source the perfect image for your next social campaign, create amazing mood boards, add a pop of personality to your blog posts, and more!

2. Feature Real People 

Progressive brands stay authentic by featuring regular, relatable people in their advertising campaigns and content marketing strategy. Keeping diversity and inclusion in mind is important when positioning your brand to a broad audience; you don’t want to create a silo in your marketing messaging that eliminates opportunities to connect with others.  

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Nobody wants to feel like they’re listening to a robot, which is why adding a touch of humanity at every step goes a long way. If you need help finding the right content, Getty Images created this round-up of tips for finding and using imagery and video footage that feels truly genuine.

3. Create Campaigns that Pop 

After you have your identity down, and you’ve produced stellar content to prove it, make the most of it with display ads with strong, clear calls to action. Apply your photos, illustrations, videos, and more across blogs as well as advertising and email marketing efforts. 

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Pro tip: articles with an image or video every 75-100 words get shared twice as much on social media as those without. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn also recommend using striking visuals in ads and changing them up. 

4. Use Motion Graphics 

The Cisco Annual Internet Report predicts that online videos will soon account for over 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Additionally, studies by Insivia show that people retain almost 95% of video messaging compared to 10% of what they read in text. 

Adding video, GIFs, or animations to your content is the easiest way to engage your audience quickly and effectively. To simplify the process of finding the right motion graphics for you, Getty Images has videos for both editorial and commercial uses from the BBC, Paramount, Univeral Studios, and more that cover a wide array of topics including current events and pop culture.

Here's one we found from Getty Images’ video collection: a flashy ariel view of fireworks.

 5. Embrace Change 

Keeping a finger on the pulse of industry trends and leveraging expert knowledge is pivotal to ensuring that your creative marketing strategy stays on track. Sticking to the same-old shtick doesn't guarantee long-term success; what worked for you a year ago might plateau as your audience evolves.  

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Getty Images’ VisualGPS global insights platform is loaded with data and visual guidance that can help you plan an upcoming cross-channel marketing campaign, your next social media post, and everything in between. Check it out whenever you feel like your strategy is getting a little stale.  

Learn More 

Your imagery and video content are the first thing your audience sees. Keeping your strategy up-to-date, consistent, and relatable is the best way to make the most out of every touchpoint.  

To learn more tips and tricks for revamping your creative strategy, check out this article by Getty Images. Also, check out Popsync by Bluescape to find the perfect images for your next creative sprint!  

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