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Creative Designers Speed Up the Design Cycle With Immersive Collaboration


SAN CARLOS and LOS ANGELES, Calif., October 15, 2018Bluescape®, a leading collaboration workspace solution, announced today the availability of Bluescape Plugins for the Adobe® Creative Cloud®. Design teams can now collaborate in real-time and streamline the plan and review process for faster results in the design cycle. Creative professionals can seamlessly export their work, download images, and collect real-time feedback in Bluescape group workspaces directly from Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator® CC, and Adobe® XD® CC, all part of Adobe Creative Cloud®.

UX|UI Designers can work, meet and connect using the Bluescape plugin for Adobe XD to drive the UX|UI design cycle steps faster, taking a project from concept, through design to final product, with real-time sharing of content and project updates and success. Creative designers who use the IB design cycle or the MYP design cycle will also benefit from using the Bluescape plugin to complete a project.

Designers agree that mundane and repetitive tasks of creating and updating designs and plans while keeping team members updated can cause issues with version control, time delays, and miscommunications. People become distracted and it impacts creative flows.

There’s time wasted as designers fumble back and forth through email uploads and downloads, using different applications and content management systems to find the right content to share, review, evaluate and finalize. There’s time lost doing work where siloed applications and content fail to integrate or decision-making gets stalled. Compute the total time lost and it’s staggering.

For UX|UI designers, Bluescape offers real-time digital collaboration capabilities for Adobe XD.

  • In a Bluescape-hosted meeting, designers can make real-time and streamlined changes in Adobe XD, and open the plugin to easily and seamlessly export content into a Bluescape digital workspace for immediate sharing and review.

  • Within the Bluescape workspace, teams can instantly see the work being done in Adobe XD (a shared desktop window) while also viewing the plan, content, notes and drawings in a Bluescape workspace.

  • Designers can add real-time comments in Adobe XD and it instantly posts the comments in Bluescape for shared notifications and tracking.

  • Images and content located in a Bluescape workspace can be easily exported back into Adobe XD for additional design work.

“Teams using Bluescape’s digital workspace and Adobe XD together gain enhanced productivity with the new plugin,” said Vijay Vachani, director, partner and platform ecosystem, Creative Cloud at Adobe. “The Bluescape plugin allows designers to stay focused on design, while connected to the Bluescape collaboration platform.”

“With Bluescape plugin for Adobe XD, teams are more productive as design cycles move faster,” said Peter Jackson, CEO at Bluescape. “Designers are working more naturally and creatively as they collaborate in our workspace. Whether they’re in the meeting room or participating remotely, everyone contributes. They discover new ways to collaborate and stimulate design thinking.”

Teams Connect and Collaborate Better

With Bluescape, content sharing and tasks run faster and lead to success. Teams can communicate with each other and post comments, enabling designers to plan, respond and work immediately rather than waiting hours for the next draft or set of directions. This system of collaboration speeds up the design process.

All documents, multimedia, and images in a Bluescape workspace can be saved and retrieved for later use and development. Meeting workspaces can be saved and copied to create the next meeting’s space. Design teams now have a record and historic timeline of their entire project, meetings, and decisions to refer to.

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