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Creative work is invigorating. Searching your instant messages for scattered Google docs? Not so much. Working extra hours because a note was missed in one of your dozen communication tools? Definitely not.

Save your seat for our new Build in Bluescape live sessions to learn best practices for streamlined team collaboration in a hybrid or remote work environment.

Join the Bluescape Community to see how you can build a customized virtual space to smooth out collaboration processes, stay in lockstep with your team, and stop losing project materials while file sharing across a plethora of cloud-based apps.

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Each session of the Build in Bluescape series builds off the last, using the same workspace to how a project evolves from idea to action plan to final iteration—with best practices and insider tips along the way. Once you enroll in the first session, you’ll be automatically enrolled for the whole series. 

Can’t attend every session? No worries. Register anyway to receive a recording of each session to watch at your convenience. 

Here are our upcoming Build in Bluescape live sessions:

April 27th: How to Organize Your Design Material Like a Zen Master

Everything you create is sparked by an idea, but how do you bring your ideas and work together in a virtual environment? In our first Build in Bluescape session, you’ll see how to organize your creative ideas on an infinite whiteboard to maximize productivity when your team meets, even without face-to-face interactions.

May 25th: How to Huddle Effectively With Your Team & Work

So you’ve added and organized your content within Bluescape. Now what? It’s time for you to gather your team (regardless of their geographic locations) for some good ol’ synchronous collaboration.

In the sophomore session of the Build in Bluescape series, we’ll show you how to enhance team collaboration, elevate your productivity, and maximize the time when your busy teams meet. All while cutting down on the cost and headache of having too many apps to jump back and forth from. 

June 22nd: How to Put Your Ideas into Action & Ensure Project Success

You’ve brainstormed and planned your next move with your team within your customized remote work environment — let’s put those tasks into action! This Build in Bluescape session will show you how to effectively keep track of everything from Google docs to video files in a virtual collaboration tool and meet critical milestones to ensure project success. 

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The Build in Bluescape live sessions were designed to spark new ideas and discover possibilities in a collaborative workspace. Sign up for whichever session works for your schedule to see why teams turn to Bluescape as an all-in-one virtual collaboration tool

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