BluescapeNow Debuts – Wows Outdoor Brands, Retailers and Design Teams

It’s been an exciting week at Bluescape.

First, we partnered with Intel to introduce BluescapeNow on the Intel Unite solution. It’s a free, easy-to-use digital whiteboard where teams can present and collaborate in a project canvas during an Intel Unite meeting.

For the first time, people can write, draw, add images or web-related content and later, go back to their work, replicate the content and update to drive projects forward. The canvas is always available and accessible from any device. As a browser-based tool, it’s easy to use and works well for users and small teams working on specific projects.

With BluescapeNow and the Intel Unite solutions, people whether participating remotely or in the actual conference room are brought together to work. They are more creative and more productive. Meetings start faster and are more efficient.

Next, we went on a fun road trip to the Outdoor Retailer Summer show in Denver, Colorado. It’s the mecca for all things related to outdoor brands, equipment, retailers and related technologies. So why would a software company attend this show?

Our reason, upwards of 30,000 people attend the show, representing the top and emerging outdoor and sports brands. From c-level executives to product designers, project managers, suppliers, buyers, planners and sales types, they represent our key users who are looking for ways to work smarter and engage with their customers better. Bluescape can help them do that.

We talked to many interesting attendees and heard their stories of how they wanted to innovate their business. We had them interact in Bluescape Enterprise, our flagship collaborative workspace solution and in BluescapeNow. Their responses echoed their amazement – the ability to work visually, more creatively and faster, and to work more collaboratively with their global teams, suppliers and manufacturers.

Designers and creative leads quickly realized the value both solutions brought to the product design and development process much faster. Most of the attendees felt that Bluescape would resonate well and solve their most pressing concerns. The challenges centered around team communications, collaboration issues or not having content in one shared space or spending too much time looking for it.

Photos courtesy of FN and photographer Lisa Siciliano

Small companies, offices and independent designers saw the value BluescapeNow brought into their work environments. The ability to create a canvas, invite people to work on shared content and easily use the space, via browser access, could simplify and improve meetings and productivity.

We’ll share more customer stories on how they’re optimizing their work for better outcomes, better meetings and collaboration. To learn more about Bluescape, visit our website at


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