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4 Reasons to Get Bluescape on Your Wacom Device


Bluescape is the secure virtual workspace for creative work. And now, the visual collaboration platform offers its upgraded Teams plan for free for three months to new Wacom users. 

From brainstorms to creative reviews, Bluescape brings everything together in one place. Its infinite whiteboard software helps teams share designs, sketch, take notes, document plans, and more. 

See the Workspace Optimized for Wacom in this video.

Why Wacom + Bluescape Works  

Bluescape lets you take notes and draw with a pen tablet or directly on all your assets within a virtual workspace. You can also make live sketches and annotations on images, drawings, and illustrations on a virtual whiteboard. Quickly give creative direction, deliver feedback, review changes, and get approvals in real-time. 

bluescape for wacom workspace

Bluescape also lets you focus more on the task at hand and less time switching between screens and applications by housing all your content in one interactive platform. With your Wacom pen or one touch-enabled devices like the Wacom Cintiq Pro or Wacom Intuos Pro, you can easily navigate your new infinite canvas. 

And now, the visual collaboration platform is offering its upgraded Teams plan for free for three months to Wacom users. 

Work Like the Pros

Bluescape is the visual collaboration tool trusted by filmmakers, animators, and graphic novel producers. From briefs to budgets, everything you need is readily accessible in one workspace so you can focus on being creative instead of searching for feedback and input.

Upload videos, synchronize playback, and annotate videos frame-by-frame to align your production team. You can also enjoy greater control and flexibility via pen and touch input to bring your creative visions to life. 

Find the Perfect Image in Seconds 

Looking for inspiration or that perfect image for your website, social media post, or advertisement? Bluescape's new image search feature, Popsync, helps you save time by searching multiple image libraries at once; including Getty Images, Unsplash, Google Images, and more.

Make live sketches and annotations on photos, graphics, and illustrations with intuitive drawing and whiteboarding tools. You can also share your workspace with others. 

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Draw and Comment on Assets

With Bluescape, it's easy to create and collaborate with others on an infinite, secure canvas. You can seamlessly transition between sketching, whiteboarding, and collaboration all on one screen. Collaborate in real-time with sketching and content sharing to collect feedback easier. Bluescape is complete with customizable canvases to organize your content for reviews and presentations. 

bluescape workspace for wacom

Claim Your Creative Space 

Bluescape is a creative workspace to call your own. Ideate, present, and review with your team through Bluescape's built-in meeting capabilities on Wacom One's HD screen. Use templates to quickly organize your workspace to streamline meetings, reviews, and other creative workflows. Easily navigate and zoom in and out of your workspace to see the big picture in pixel-perfect detail. 

Make the Most of Your Wacom Workflow 

After three months free, our Team plan is only $10 per user/month. This offer is available on recently purchased Wacom products (One by Wacom, Wacom Intuous, Wacom One, and Wacom Cintiq Pro). Register your device with Wacom to get started! 

  • Get unlimited workspaces to house all your projects 

  • Draw and comment on assets collaboratively with your team 

  • Find imagery in seconds by searching multiple image libraries at once 

  • Integrate with your favorite apps, including Slack and Adobe 

 Check out our YouTube channel to see how creators like you develop films, shorts, ad campaigns, and more in Bluescape. 

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