Bluescape Moves the Needle

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Every day I talk to customers and CIO/IT leaders bemoaning about the demand for high quality talent or how the high costs of living in the Silicon Valley are driving people out of the area. Our Bay Area housing prices are making it impossible for middle class workers to afford to live here.

As companies increasingly hire qualified workers outside of expensive major metro cities, planning meetings take on a new importance as it’s often the only time teams connect. Despite an abundance of point technology solutions, organizations still lose valuable time during the planning process, encounter project delays and miscommunications. That is driving an urgent focus on how to fix a worker’s ability to communicate and find effective new ways to work as virtual teams.

I’ve met with teams in the brand design and manufacturing areas where their biggest headaches centered around the creative and planning process – errors in ordering the wrong materials, delays in meeting deadlines to breakdowns in the supply chain. New customers like OluKai and Fenix Group recently chose Bluescape’s workstream collaboration software solution to improve their communication and collaboration process to achieve faster execution and decision making.

I’ve visited numerous and very successful global real estate and architecture design firms. They’re asking for tools to better connect and work with their clients. Whether it’s presenting ideas to a prospect to win the business or make the planning process faster, companies like Coretrust Capital and Furniture Marketing Group turned to Bluescape. We’re helping them cut their planning times in half, access and manage their terabytes of information easily in one shared repository.

Creative and Film & Entertainment companies also need innovative and more effective ways to create, manage and save their enormous stores of digital data. The traditional 2D storyboards wasn’t cutting it and teams wanted a more collaborative environment to create, share and present ideas. The once siloed teams have now merged into hybrid teams where production, marketing and advertising groups work simultaneously on movies or projects. Viacom and Paramount Pictures recently chose Bluescape to help innovate the creative process.

I keep hearing the same themes from customers across different industries. They want time back. They want everyone to be able to access information once stored in individuals’ work folders. They want flexibility to seamlessly collaborate with internal and external groups, regardless of whether it’s a global supplier, manufacturer, branch office or virtual engineering team. The traditional work process, limited to a meeting room in highly expensive San Francisco or Silicon Valley, becomes an inhibitor, not an accelerator.

Having been in the software industry since the mid 1980s, I’ve seen how technology can reshape industries, companies and futures. Seeing the impact on organizations how Bluescape enables them to become real industry game changers is an honor. I have to pinch myself every day. The way customers increase productivity, enhance their culture and reduce costs in almost every way is reshaping the future of work.


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