Bluescape announces “highly mobile” application to work and meet on the run

“I am so excited with the Bluescape mobile app. I tried it and was excited that “I” figured it out on MY own. I love that I don’t have to have my laptop to present.”

–  Sylvia Munoz, Sr. Product & Sales Trainer at Haworth

“I am totally LOVING this app! Just being able to send workspaces to walls alone is incredibly valuable. I’m starting to dive deeper and think about how we can create canvases to interact best with the app. This is a GREAT addition! I’m looking forward to the next updates.”

–  Don Kammann, VP Marketing & Workplace Strategy at Price Modern



Touch. Swipe. Send. It’s just that – fast and easy. Users can now connect to Bluescape via their mobile phone or tablet with the updated mobile app. With just a few taps, they can access content, view it and share it while in a project workspace.

Planned or impromptu meetings can start quickly as users launch a Bluescape session from the mobile app to a large format touch screen where collaborative work begins. Key stakeholders never miss viewing content or tracking a major decision no matter where they are.

Work shouldn’t be challenging especially while travelling or running to-and-from meetings. It’s like having a Bluescape workspace in your pocket, always available, for quick and easy access to relevant information, and simple workflows. Everyone can connect to their teams and work with speed.

Bluescape mobile app includes the following features:

  • Always available access to content and workspaces
  • Search, view and share content faster
  • Send Bluescape sessions quickly from mobile app to large format touch screens

“While Bluescape provides nearly unlimited visual space for content collaboration, the small factor of mobile is an essential device as people need the flexibility and accessibility of working on-the-go.”

–  Demian Entrekin, CTO at Bluescape

With this new update, we’re extending the power and availability of Bluescape across connected devices, laptops and interactive touch screens. Our visual collaboration workspace, a digital visual container (DVC), integrates everyday applications, content and tools that people use. The open platform allows people to work more seamlessly and effectively.

Bluescape’s mobile application is now available in the Apple App store or Google Play store. Users can easily download and sync their application to Bluescape Enterprise solution.

For additional information, visit the following resources:

By Brian Kilgore, Director of Product Management, UX at Bluescape

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