The global pandemic has fundamentally changed how our customers get work done. As trying as the year has been, our customers’ resilience has inspired us to continue to listen to their needs and innovate on their behalf.

“Stay-at-Home” orders and public safety have made remote work the new normal. To move ahead, we had to leave a lot behind–the camaraderie, the excitement, and the rapport we create when working side-by-side. Recreating in-room experiences through virtual workspaces has always been our rallying cry, but no more so than in 2020. As a result, more customers than ever are using Bluescape to collaborate more effectively. To help these customers, we’ve revamped our architecture and user experience to make it easier to enable and onboard new users. 

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Customer Need #1: Leaving Rooms Behind

Bluescape was founded on the belief that visual collaboration was key to unlocking insight, understanding, and action by giving teams a common operating picture to visualize and execute complex work collectively. We started by digitizing war rooms, project rooms, and strategy rooms. Customers saved time and money by replacing analog workflows and gathering around immersive touchscreen displays to manage marketing campaigns, client engagements, and command and control centers.

We created a free-form, collaborative canvas that mimicked the fluid interactions at whiteboards, cork boards, easel pads, and tabletops. It was, by intent, a very hands-on approach centered around in-room interaction. Customers pushed us to consider and empower collaborators who needed to participate who could not be in the same room, and this drove us to develop cloud-native virtual workspaces that were accessible to anyone, on any device, from any location.

Customer Need #2: Collaborative Canvases in the Cloud

Creating a virtual work platform forced us to reconsider the core of our user experience and how we delivered it to customers. We’ve significantly overhauled our user experience this year to give users greater control and flexibility over creating, presenting, and orchestrate their work.

Instead of relying solely on users’ drawing skills, we’ve added multiple shapes and connectors to simplify the diagramming of processes and concepts. New alignment tools streamline object placement to help make workspaces look just the way you want. And we’ve reduced the complexity of the user experience by consolidating controls in a more logical fashion so you can better focus on the task at hand.

Administrators are also end-users of our products, and they’ve asked for more flexibility and streamlined processes as well: Specific to how to deploy, manage, and maintain their workspaces. Our latest flexible cloud architecture provides multiple options, including Bluescape, partner, and customer-managed cloud environments, securely managed in a public cloud, a private cloud, or even on-premises. We’ve also invested in automation and robustness to make it easier to deploy and protect workspace across our customer’s infrastructure.

And that’s not all. In order to help users to work across their applications fluidly, we’ve integrated with Cisco Webex, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams to create a more seamless meeting experience. Teams can review video content in high fidelity and with frame accuracy with new video upload and synchronization capabilities. We also introduced a whiteboard tool to help customers better structure their workspace and workflows and enable seamless transitions between brainstorming, presenting, and reviewing content.

Looking Ahead

With vaccines on the way, we will see a return to offices in 2021, but the nature of work will be different than a year ago. Supporting and leading hybrid workforces, on-site and remote workers, will mature and become a more standard organizational structure. Offices will become the centers of team collaboration while individual work is accomplished remotely. Our beginnings in rooms and our native in-room client will help our customers create meeting spaces that connect workers wherever they need to be. 

We are grateful for our customers and our team for leading us closer to the promise of helping teams do their best work, together, from anywhere.

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