Advanced Digital Workspaces for Mission-Critical Military Collaboration

One of the biggest challenges when dealing with a military crisis is processing the thousands of real-time data points coming from multiple sources and across different applications. Communications across teams in diverse locations (e.g. on the battlefield) and the inability to work together in a shared workspace poses hurdles and time delays. Inefficiencies add to the time lost leaving responders and task forces unable to quickly analyze information, confer, or make intelligent “life or death” decisions due to technology limitations.

The Fenix Group looked to Bluescape to provide an advanced workstream platform to facilitate faster information processing, sharing, collaboration. Fenix Group’s expertise providing technology solutions and direct support to the U.S. military, government agencies, and global partner forces led to developing a solution for improved response times and intelligent decision-making on the battlefield.

In developing and deploying battlefield networks, Fenix Group plans to integrate Bluescape into its new solution. For the first time, Bluescape will enable military forces to receive information from across its sensor ecosystem, to chat in real-time with field commanders, and collaborate in a single shared workspace that integrates multiple applications and sharable data.

Bridge Core, a key provider specializing in building technical solutions for government agencies, rounds out the Fenix Group and Bluescape partnership. The company recognizes Bluescape as the enabling collaboration platform to collect all the critical information together in any fast-evolving situation like a disaster or crisis situation. The ability to work on a single screen, on any device at any location, with live chat, access to the latest information, live video, maps, and more is exactly what tasks forces need to quickly mount the most effective response.

Enhancing productivity, improving workflow efficiencies, and saving time is integral to a military or crisis team’s work. We’ll share more key findings as the Fenix Group, Bridge Core, and Bluescape solutions evolve.

Learn how Bluescape can help companies achieve these business-critical results especially in demanding, data-intensive and mission critical situations.

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