5 Benefits of Canvas and Why You Will Like It

Hope everyone is starting off 2018 with some exciting resolutions! For us here at Bluescape, our New Year resolution is simple—keep moving forward and improving our product, and we are starting with our new feature, Canvas. This feature marks a milestone for Bluescape. The Canvas feature has been in our sights for two years now, and it represents a crucial step in the way customers create, organize, present, and understand information in our product.

Canvas replaces Location Markers as the central means of navigating the workspace, and adds a number of new dimensions and workflows to our product. But wait..there’s more! More aspects and abilities will be coming soon on the heels of this feature release.

So what is Canvas? Canvas allows you to segment your content into groups to better share and show it in a variety of ways, similar to how you use folders on a computer. Any why is it important? Here are 5 benefits of Canvas and why we think you’ll like it:

  1. With Location Markers, you have no way to know which content is included in that reference point. Canvas frames the related content in an enclosed rectangle.
  2. When navigating from Location Marker to Location Marker, you must zoom in and out to focus on the right content, because a Location Marker is only a point. With Canvas, the zoom automatically adjusts to fit the content, which reduces friction and cognitive adversity.
  3. When presenting collections of content, you can now interact with them since a single canvas can act much like a slide.
  4. Canvas objects can be sized and arranged for specific business purposes and use cases, such as scenes in a screenplay, or discrete collections of mission critical information.
  5. Canvas is super simple to use and plays a similar role of a folder—simplifying the understanding of how to use it and how you arrange information.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today and see how it can greatly benefit the way you work! Need help getting started? Check out our community and learn How to Use Canvas.

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Bluescape Canvas Visual Collaboration Workspace

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