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4 Collaboration Tools You Should Know


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably noticed a recurring theme in 2021, which is: Reimagine everything. 

After being jolted by circumstance in 2020, people are taking back the reins of their work and personal lives. We’ve stopped reacting and started reimagining.   

The same goes for technology. During Hurricane COVID, tools were bolted on in a crisis situation. Teams grabbed the nearest life preservers. Now, the most useful remote and hybrid work tools are rising to the top – proving their staying power. 

Tools, just like teams, had to ride out the storm, change, and become something different on the other side. Some did this better than others.

Here are four collaboration tools ready to meet post-pandemic needs:

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Reimagining documents - Coda 

On the earliest computers, one of the first things people did was make a digital document. No matter how many apps and tools have hit the market since people still rely on documents to get work done. Today's docs have more features and live in the cloud, but fundamentally, they haven't changed. There's a doc for words and a doc for data, and people toggle between them.

What Coda does differently:

The team at Coda wanted to build a new kind of doc. One that erased the boundaries between documents, spreadsheets, and apps. Coda comes with building blocks: tables, to-do lists, buttons, collapsable pages, and more, give docs an app-like quality. With dynamic and customizable elements, one doc can contain your team's entire informational universe. Learn more about Coda.

Reimagining the knowledge base - Guru 

Knowledge base software promises to liberate what's been trapped in people's heads and desktops. The initiative begins with gusto but soon, managing an internal knowledge base becomes a chore. No one knows what information is up to date or whose version is accurate. People stop trusting what was supposed to be their single source of truth.

What Guru does differently:

Guru lets you capture information where it exists. No need to break your flow; open a new tab, and log into a portal. Instead, capture knowledge natively from Slack and the web, then access it from your email, support desk, CRM, learning platform, and almost anywhere you work. You don't even have to know what to search for. With knowledge triggers and intelligent suggestions, the knowledge you need finds you. Learn more about Guru.

Reimagining project management -

Project management software may have origins in bug tracking, but these tools aren't just for software developers anymore. Marketing, sales, HR, operations – there's a tool for nearly every workflow. But because project management tools are niche, it's tough to work cross-functionally. Every team uses a different tool.

What does differently: is a leader in project management software, but it's modular and flexible enough for nearly any kind of work, whether tied to a project or not. Like Coda, has building blocks, making it more customizable than other tools and able to support everything from asset management to inventory tracking to finance requests. Learn more about

Reimagining the workspace - Bluescape 

When you think 'digital workspace,' you may think of a suite of apps. A launch point into your email, docs, sheets, and shared drive. This type of workspace is like your desk: best for heads-down work and occasional collaboration. But what do you do when you need to connect as a team and co-create? In the office, you'd book a room – a collaborative workspace.

What Bluescape does differently:

Bluescape makes the collaborative workspace accessible even to teams that aren't in an office together. In a Bluescape room, collaboration isn't tied to a physical location. Teams come together with all their tools and content to do the type of work that can't be done alone: brainstorming, problem solving, and innovating. Collaboration is fluid between in-room touch displays and the web, making Bluescape a true hybrid solution.

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